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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Pablo Ayestas

SDI Instructor # 23470

I started out diving at the age of 10 thanks to my parents and my uncle Art, who was a PADI instructor.  I have been fortunate to have some great mentors over the years that encouraged me to become an instructor. Now I take pleasure in sharing my passion for the ocean with others.


sultaan (3)

Sultaan Ayestas

SDI Instructor # 25920

I've been diving for over a decade all around the world... off of boats, inside of shipwrecks, on reefs, in rivers and, with creatures I'd never have the imagination to conjure up in my dreams. Buckle up... it's a wild ride!

"The ocean is a place of healing, where we can find solace in the midst of chaos and emerge refreshed and renewed"

-Sylvia Earle 



John Pasquinelli

SDI Instructor #  25478

I have been an Instructor since 2018 with over 1200 dives. Being underwater is my sanctuary, teaching is my passion.



David Huntley

SDI Instructor # 27420

I have all ways had a interest in the water and loved snorkeling. My wife encouraged me one day to get certified and ever since. while being encouraged to continue my dive carrier and education. I have been an instructor since 2021 and have a absolute passion for teaching and working with students.



Michelle Mullaney

SDI DiveMaster # 35840

I am a SDI Divemaster with 4 Years of experience diving.  Having dived in locations ranging from local quarries to Roatan, the Kelp Beds of California and many more, I bring not only experience but lots of fun stories as well.


PaulMullins_Staff (2)

Paul Mullins

      SDI Assistant Instructor#35741

Since getting first certified in 2019, I have continued my education to become an Assistant Instructor. I enjoy working with students and teaching them the great sport of scuba diving. With my unique personality I bring enjoyment to the sport not just with knowledge but with a great sense of humor as well.